I help purpose-driven entrepreneurs to get your business back-end in shape & reach your BIG goals! The journey from vision to reality starts with a plan.

Your business is going places!


You have a thriving business – more clients, more income, a growing team. But, when you’re overwhelmed with client work, CEO tasks,  managing your team, AND personally managing every aspect of your business, it can feel downright impossible to  focus on improving the current state of your business, 
let alone find the time to reach your big goals.

What would it feel like if…
You were able to focus on the high-impact actions that  move the needle forward in your business and are most in alignment with your vision & values? 

Imagine–no more moving from one squeaky wheel to the next!

But, even if you could find the time…
There’s so much to be done, where do you start? 
When distractions come up, how do you make sure you stick with it?

Hi, I’m Cassandra!

A business strategist, operations consultant, and coach helping purpose-driven owners who want to create the best version of their business–providing guidance and accountability in operational efficiencies (i.e. a strong, lean business back-end), clarity of purpose, values alignment, and actionable planning.

I’m a homeschooling mom who took a huge leap to leave behind an inflexible corporate environment to build a business that revolved around my life and family–not the other way around.

With over 15 years of combined experience working in corporate and with small businesses off and online, I’ve had the opportunity to work in and analyze the back-ends of a lot of businesses – I’ve seen what works, and what doesn’t. I love bringing this experience to small business owners and helping them fast-track to success. 

how I work

A signature approach to getting you results fast!

What to do & how to do it with support and accountability every step of the way

We’ll start our work together getting to know the current state of your business–the current challenges and immediate goals.
Next, we’ll get either a high level view or dive deep to get clarity on the future of your business.
What is your vision for the future and the core values you hold?
Based on the above, I’ll provide valuable insight and make recommendations on what your next steps should be.
Then, we’ll work together to build a plan to meet the goals that address your challenges and align with your vision and values.

Because I’ve spent years digging in and getting my hands dirty in the “doing” side of business operations,
I bring more than ideas (although I have plenty of those too!)
Whether it’s solving a problem that’s keeping you stuck or working toward your next big goal
I’ll share simple, easy to implement strategies.
But, you’ll never be left to your own devices with a bunch of great ideas and no clue how to make them happen
together we’ll go deeper…
we’ll go beyond what to do, and cover how to get it done.
I’ve been there, so I know what steps are needed to get the thing done, and the right questions to ask.

Throughout all of it I’ll be beside you–providing accountability and support every step of the way
giving insight, making suggestions, answering questions, providing feedback, helping you work through challenges, keeping you on track,
and celebrating your successes!

let's work together

Clarity Action Plan VIP Experience

Let’s transform the business you have into the business you’ve been dreaming of!

The CLARITY ACTION PLAN VIP Experience is a proven framework designed to get you focused on the actions that will lead you to the big-picture vision you have for your business in a way that fits into your life.


This is perfect for the established but overwhelmed business owner who is ready for a sustainable, balanced, business that supports the life you want to live – and creates the space you need to actually enjoy it!

  • Understand your vision for the future of your business (and how it fits in your life), the mission that shapes why you do what you do, and the values that drive how you want to show up.
  • Dive deep into the 7 foundational pillars of a strong business back-end to get clarity on the current state of your business and identify the problem areas and weaknesses that are holding you back from reaching your goals.
  • Use everything we’ve uncovered to prioritize the business areas and projects to focus on by quarter so you can lead your business and team confidently toward your vision.
  • Create strategic priorities for the next 12 months and a step-by-step action plan for the next 90-days that is ready for you and your team to implement, and have the peace of mind that comes with knowing what to focus on next.


No more working hard toward someone else’s goals!

No more being *busy*, but having nothing to show for it!

No more wasting time and energy on the wrong (for you) things!


This approach to strategy & planning has resulted in amazing clarity and real breakthroughs.

One day to go really deep and get results fast!

If you think you’d benefit from a customized plan of action that’s focused on getting you results, and you’re serious about making it happen, then book your free Discovery Call and let’s see if this VIP Experience is a good fit for you.

Strategic Consulting + Coaching

You have goals, and if there’s a way to reach them faster, and do it right the first time – you’re willing to do what it takes!

We’ll journey beyond the planning phase as you begin taking actionable steps toward your goals. I’ll be there helping you stay on track with focused bi-weekly sessions – offering accountability, guidance through any roadblocks, and an experienced perspective every step of the way. 

There’s nothing cookie-cutter here. I’ll help keep you focused so you don’t waste any valuable time – we’ll make sure all your efforts are directly related to your goals, and in alignment with your bigger vision for your business.

And, along the way, whether you have a new offer you want to talk through, want another perspective as you hire your next team member, or run into a challenge and you’d like some feedback, I’m here for all of it!